EMDR Intensives

Are they right for you?

Traditional therapy and insurance companies prescribe a schedule of meeting once a week for 50 minutes. Significant progress can be made using this format, although it can take months. There are times when there may be time constraints and/or urgency in symptom relief that is not suited for this model. Instead, we can have longer sessions, generally in 2 hour increments, and meet more than once in a single day or for several days in a row to achieve more immediate improvement.

Potential Benefits include:

Intensives are as effective as traditional EMDR in a weekly setting

Flexibility in scheduling while minimizing time away from work

Prompt symptom relief

Addressing your symptoms over a few days, rather than a few months

Focused use of therapy time
(a part of each weekly session is spent saying hello’s, checking in and saying good-bye’s; Intensives allow more time to concentrate on treatment goals)

Focused therapy time is also more cost effective

Potential Risks Include:

Strong emotional reactions as difficult life experiences are processed

Processing continues for up to 48 hours after the session is over, it may leave you more irritable, prone to experiencing dreams and forgotten memories may resurface

The human brain can be unpredictable, the Intensive may not go as smoothly as expected. Should you run into a detour, your therapist will help you to return to the main road, often quickly because you are working at a faster pace overall. Any issues that do arise, would also arise in the weekly format.

May impact any legal proceedings in which you will be called to testify (you may not be as emotional of a witness as the prosecution would like, details of the incident may change with processing)

What you can expect:

  • Services from an experienced and professional therapist
  • Responsive support, should you have a strong emotional response, your therapist will ensure your immediate needs are met. Time will be spent at the end of the Intensive to ensure you are in a good emotional space to return to your life
  • You will be met where you are, you are in the one in control. If something doesn’t feel comfortable for you, it will be explored and your preferences honored.

What is expected of you:

  • Honesty in all phases of treatment, so your therapist can work with you appropriately
  • Forthcoming with your goals and your experiences in the Intensive
  • Willingness to be vulnerable and expose the darkness so that it can be processed
  • Sharing any history of dissociation, past or present
  • Therapist will be aware of all medications you are use, you will be free of alcohol, street drugs, and narcotic medication.
  • The time set aside for the Intensive will be without interruptions (i.e. phone calls, need to tend to personal business)
  • At least 24 hours to rest following the final session.
  • Participation in a one week follow-up

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Are you looking for FAST relief? The model of hour long weekly sessions not right for you? Intensives may be the answer you need! Receive the same, quality EMDR treatment, in a fraction of the time!